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Data is the strategic asset owned by the enterprise. However, there are others in the enterprise who have stake at owning the data definition, its creation, usage and finally archiving of the data assets.

There are Data Stewards, Data  Custodians and Data consumers in any given enterprise and the roles and definition of each of this terms may be overlapping.

The terms have been defined to give some flavor of what each one mean.

Data Steward – Line-of-business representatives who report to the data councils and who:

·         Execute plans that tie into strategic objectives for data areas

·         Execute governance policies and processes

·         Identify funding needs, and

·         Drive plans for governance improvement.

Data Custodian - In charge of day-to-day maintenance and protection of data

Data Consumer – Consumers, also known as users, are employees or agents of a business entity who access, consume data to perform their assigned duties.

Meta data - Describes data about data like various attributes of a data element including:

·         Definition

·         Structure

·         Administration


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