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  • Data Stewardship should reside with business, but there may have  been a lack clear job expectations and funding for a dedicated role here at a company. Even though every one in the company liked the idea of having clearly defined data, the Data Governance and Data Stewardship but Data Governance and Data Stewardship never took off and had multiple false starts.

  • IT  group was blamed when the data does not reconcile, more than one data consumers having different value for a given performance indicator/metric but cannot understand/articulate why
  • IT group gets blame for bad data, even though  IT groups typically do not create any data and they are mere custodians who manage the storage and access controls etc.  Help a company keep a log of common problems and establish a forum to find ways to solve them as well as opportunities to improve the process to make it simpler, faster and better. 
  • Define and use metrics to check the quality of the data and, more importantly, the quality of the data process.  
  • Business unable to leverage/scale current team of developers and adding more developers did not speed up the devlopment cycle.Company unable to pursue multiple business segments simultaneously and add more development staff to support this goal, current practices will not scale well without significant risk of failure. No system and data documentation
  •  Drug benefit management company, whose major asset was data but that data was not documented and as a result least understood by business to be used as strategic advantage

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